Championship Saddle awarded to High Point Futurity & Derby Winners
* 10 pts down to 1 pt for placings in each go round & in the average then 4 down to 1 pts in short go
* 2 pts/each event for competing * Choose your events; not compulsory to compete in all.

Brooks 2006 Barrel Racing Futurity

Silver Sage Community Corral, Brooks, AB - May 12, 13 & 14, 2006
$3500. added Futurity ~ $2500. added Derby

Contact Lynette Brodoway (403) 793-8831
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2006 Futurity & Derby Results coming soon.

2005 Results

Futurity Results

Futurity - 1st go

1Rayel RobinsonMissy Cloverette15.168 $990.53
2Scott MestonRight Burner15.368 $819.75
3Jon OttunAbbey Nick Bar15.454 $648.97
4Sonda MarksLookin Fer Trouble15.579 $478.19
5Raylee EdwardsStreaky Girl15.621 $307.41
6Bobbi-June RadfordChicks Dry Doc15.667 $170.78
7Marci PowellSpur N Move15.715  
8Andrea AndersonMove Her Cash15.912  
9Nancy CsabyGlorys Cash15.938  
10Monica WilsonWranglers Dusty16.016  
11Kerri MestonMiss Capital Legacy16.049  
12Maxine McKennaFoxy Crime16.065  
13Rana WalterEasy Kidder16.07  
14Isabella HaragaIron Rebel Chargex16.09  
15Jill MeyaardStreak N Vida16.13  
16Rayel RobinsonRMR Sevencomeleven16.135  
17Raylee EdwardsEasy Homecoming16.142  
18Candace PotterGo Early For A Deal16.181  
19Christine RossPink Dollars16.222  
20Dawn HelleksonGenuine Honor Jet16.236  
21Dee ButterfieldPossible Easycash16.246  
22Kirsty WhiteFamous Malone16.362  
23Wanda PhillipsAffy's Amber Rum16.558  
24Barb LappinGivem A Deal16.598  
25Randa NugentMacho Sailor16.611  
26Korrey HansenSompin Lika Nu Cash16.635  
27Wanda DenhamCarson Kew16.651  
28Chelsea DriedgerTuff TA Ram A Dodge16.684  
29Janice WaltzeHot Lil Ali Kat16.751  
30Deanna NiwaRuby Rose Fire16.772  
31Lindsey KoppGot Lenas Dream16.955  
32Lynne MorrisSwogs Mr San Peppy16.977  
33Larue FergusonWickedley Perfect17.088  
34Colin BalanBrave Eyed Cowboy17.102  
35Buffy RomeoWranglers Bobcat17.301  
36Kim MahonA Hot and Lucky Gem17.312  
37Chelsea SteevesPepnics Miss Peppy17.327  
38Kimberly SenkoeAqua Six17.336  
39Chad MuldoonDocz Canadian Doc17.434  
40Maria ButterfieldHonor School Boy17.487  
41Twylla BruhnDash Peak17.539  
42Colin BalanZips Hip Dude17.544  
43Elaine HydeNorth Spring17.585  
44Rayel RobinsonRCR Thisbugsforyou20.419  
45Chad MuldoonHortons Stormy Time21.18  
46Lacey SazwanDoc Dry Badger21.191  
47Donna MitchellHardways Cash Bar22.152  
48Andrea GrahamMidnight Hemp25.721  
49Twylla BruhnSL Three Parr25.788  
50Janet PatriquinTwiceasnice As Spicent  
51Tracy MatkeaTaxi Ta Fames  
52Raylee EdwardsMC Red Hot Lenas  
53Maureen ConnEnuff Class To Wins  
54Cali YarshenkoScats Cashs  
55Lynette GallowayRarely Gasts  

Futurity - 2nd Go

1Scott MestonRight Burner15.303 $990.53
2Twylla BruhnSL Three Parr15.528 $819.75
3Rayel RobinsonRCR Thisbugsforyou15.549 $648.97
4Marci PowellSpur N Move15.589 $478.19
5Raylee EdwardsStreaky Girl15.599 $307.41
6Bobbi-June RadfordChicks Dry Doc15.653 $170.78
7Isabella HaragaIron Rebel Chargex15.682  
8Dawn HelleksonGenuine Honor Jet15.687  
9Kerri MestonMiss Capital Legacy15.789  
10Monica WilsonWranglers Dusty15.817  
11Korrey HansenSompin Lika Nu Cash15.865  
12Sonda MarksLookin Fer Trouble15.876  
13Nancy CsabyGlorys Cash15.893  
14Maxine McKennaFoxy Crime15.969  
15Monica WilsonWickedley Perfect15.981  
16Janice WaltzeHot Lil Ali Kat16.073  
17Kirsty WhiteFamous Malone16.14  
18Raylee EdwardsEasy Homecoming16.151  
19Rayel RobinsonRMR Sevencomeleven16.218  
20Buffy RomeoWranglers Bobcat16.228  
21Lynne MorrisSwogs Mr San Peppy16.312  
22Andrea AndersonMove Her Cash16.32  
23Deanna NiwaRuby Rose Fire16.382  
24Wanda PhillipsAffy's Amber Rum16.463  
25Maria ButterfieldHonor School Boy16.47  
26Chelsea SteevesPepnics Miss Peppy16.531  
27Chelsea DriedgerTuff TA Ram A Dodge16.594  
28Barb LappinGivem A Deal16.656  
29Chad MuldoonHortons Stormy Time16.684  
30Jill MeyaardStreak N Vida16.686  
31Kim MahonA Hot and Lucky Gem16.801  
32Colin BalanZips Hip Dude16.857  
33Janet PatriquinTwiceasnice As Spice16.902  
34Elaine HydeNorth Spring16.911  
35Colin BalanBrave Eyed Cowboy17.301  
36Twylla BruhnDash Peak17.676  
37Chad MuldoonDocz Canadian Doc18.523  
38Lacey SazwanDoc Dry Badger20.542  
39Christine RossPink Dollars20.718  
40Wanda DenhamCarson Kew20.726  
41Jon OttunAbbey Nick Bar20.88  
42Candace PotterGo Early For A Deal21.048  
43Rayel RobinsonMissy Cloverette21.276  
44Lindsey KoppGot Lenas Dream21.599  
45Rana WalterEasy Kidder21.982  
46Andrea GrahamMidnight Hemp22.229  
47Donna MitchellHardways Cash Bar22.344  
48Dee ButterfieldPossible Easycash26.256  
49Kimberly SenkoeAqua Six26.983  
50Randa NugentMacho Sailornt  
51Raylee EdwardsMC Red Hot Lenant  
52Lynette GallowayRarely Gasts  
53Cali YarshenkoScats Cashs  
54Maureen ConnEnuff Class To Wins  
55Tracy MatkeaTaxi Ta Fames  

Futurity - Short Go & Average

1Marci PowellSpur N Move15.410 $396.21
2Scott MesteonRight Burner15.431 $327.90
3Bobbi-June RadfordChicks Dry Doc15.548 $259.59
4Isabella HaragaIron Rebel Chex15.778 $191.28
5Kerri MestonMiss Capital Legacy15.828 $122.96
6Monica WilsonWranglers Dusty15.853 $68.31
7Nancy CsabayGlorys Cash16.015  
8Maxine McKennaFoxy Crime16.168  
9Sonda MarksLookin Fer Trouble16.326  
10Raylee EdwardsStreaky Girl20.307  
11Andrea AndersonMove Her Cash20.786  
12Dawn HelleksonGenuine Honor Jet21.190  
1Scott MestonRight Burner46.102 $1,584.850
2Marci PowellSpur N Move46.714 $1,311.600
3Bobbi-June RadfordChicks Dry Doc46.868 $1,038.350
4Isabella HaragaIron Rebel Chex47.550 $765.100
5Kerri MestonMiss Capital Legacy47.666 $491.850
6Monica WilsonWranglers Dusty47.686 $273.250
7Sonda MarksLookin Fer Trouble47.781  
8Nancy CsabayGlorys Cash47.846  
9Maxine McKennaFoxy Crime48.202  
10Raylee EdwardsStreaky Girl52.527  
11Andrea AndersonMove Her Cash53.018  
12Dawn HelleksonGenuine Honor Jet53.113  

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